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The Editrixes at Sybaritic Press wanted an easy-going, laid-back list of guidelines. And we had one at first. But our first year of publication taught us that we had to crack the whip to avoid major headaches. Thus, here is the revised list of guidelines: 

  • The mission of Sybaritic Press is to be a home for quality authors whose works do not easily fit mainstream models for a bestselling title or a stepping-stone for promising new authors to find a larger audience. As booksellers and book buyers, the Editrixes have seen small presses succeed in putting talented but marginalized authors in the public eye where they flourish and move to larger arenas. Our tiny press is not the avenue that will bring big fame or fortune. Our financial model is to one day have the press support the cost of publishing new titles with a modest degree of promotion. Please do not submit manuscripts to us in the hopes of quitting your day job.
  • Sybaritic Press welcomes quality fiction and poetry. We also accept sci-fi, fantasy and horror novels (150 pages plus). Other genres and general fiction will be considered on an individual basis.
  • Authors must be at least 18 years old.
  • Sybaritic Press welcomes erotica of all lengths from poems to short stories to novels.
  • Though we are open minded, a work may be rejected because of extreme violence or poor taste. We include watersports and scat in that category.
  • We do not accept any works involving sex with the underaged or with animals.
  • Simultaneous submissions are allowed, but we must be informed.
  • Previously published works are fine as long as the authors have the rights.
  • We are old fashioned editors. We donít deal in word counts. We deal in numbers of pages. A page is defined as double spaced with inch margins on all sides in a 12 pt. regular font. Times New Roman or Arial are preferred. No bold type, color type or oversized fonts as chapter headings.
  • Submissions MUST be completed manuscripts. We do not have an editing staff to hone an incomplete or rough draft into publishable condition. We edit for grammar and typos. We do not want to endlessly format a book that isnít finished.
  • Submissions should be attached to the e-mail as .rtf or .txt files. The subject line on the e-mail must contain the title of the work. We accept electronic submissions only, because the final book output to the distributor is electronic - even for print titles.


  • Novel submissions MUST be accompanied by a one paragraph synopsis. It helps us with what goes on the back cover and tells us that you know what your book is about.
  • Submissions MUST be accompanied by a short (one or two paragraph) biography that can include published works though previous publishing experience is not necessary.
  • Sybaritic Press offers contracts with percentages of the net profits of sales. Our royalties are comparable to most in the industry. The price of each title will be determined by the publisher.
  • Sybaritic Press does not offer cash advances nor does it charge for its author services.
  • Sales reports will be sent to the author on a quarterly basis.
  • Royalties will be paid on a quarterly basis.
  • Copyrights remain with the author. The contract can be ended at any time with written notice.
  • All books are produced as trade paperbacks with perfect binding. No odd sizes.
  • Cover art can be provided but the publisher reserves the right of final approval of cover designs. Difficulty over this issue will result in withdraw of the publishing contract.
  • Poetry layout must conform to the common specifications of the printer. Sybaritic Press reserves the right to final approval of layout. Difficulty over this issue will result in withdraw of the publishing contract.
  • The author gets a free proof copy and may purchase additional copies through at the publisherís price (typically $3 to $5 per copy).
  • Hostile mail in response to a reply will result in rejection of future submissions.

E-mail submissions or send inquiries to
Allow 4-6 weeks for replies.