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Simon Bransby
Currently resides in Phoenix Arizona, with his Soulmate, D.
Simon loves Vincent Price, Barbara Steele, Kung-Fu and Horror movies, and animation of all kinds.
Favorite authors include Ray Bradbury, Poppy Z. Brite, and Brian Jaques.
Favorite Bands are VNV Nation, The Cure, KAZAKY, and Within Temptation.

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EAB is a marketing specialist who spends his free time writing erotic fiction. Which translates to, convincing people to buy things they don’t need and writing smut at 3am. While his true passion is writing, he enjoys reading all genres, reaching high scores in nerdism, and watching anime when he finds the time. He also enjoys spending time with his love, and boy/girl twins. When it comes to writing yaoi he really wanted to bring a realism to the genre. Where so many yaoi novels fail to address certain dynamics of the homosexual relationship, EAB hopes to bring a distinct and different perspective on the drab and typical "yaoi scene." The Straight Line is his first novel, but please look out for upcoming titles and works in the future. P.S Game of Thrones rules! P.P.S So does The Walking Dead

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Lita-Luise Chappell
Lita-Luise Chappell has been writing poetry, short stories, mysteries, plays, lyrics, rituals, cookbooks, investigative articles, and travelogues over a span of 45years. She has a Masters in Psychology, and a doctorate in Human Sexuality. She has had several careers: in food service as a chef and caterer, in electronics, in the music industry, in the publishing business, and as a sex therapist. She has also traveled extensively to Western Europe, the Netherlands, the British Isles, the Far East, southeastern Asia, northern Africa, Canada, Mexico, other U.S. territories and Australia. She has been a student of the occult as a priestess in ancient Egyptian, Eleusinian Greek, Italian Strega, British Celtic, Northumbrian Faerye, Hawaiian Huna and Thelema. Through it all, she has written as she went along commenting on different cultures, human behavior, politics, love, sex, wisdom and magick. A variety of works have been published in magazines, on-line and in print.

Jon Cunningham
Jon Cunningham is the person at Sybaritic Press what is tasked with makin’ the books look all purdy like. He also writes and occasionally makes films.

Robert S. King
Robert S. King, a native Georgian, now lives in Lexington, Kentucky. He has written poetry since the early 1970s as has served as editor of several presses. He is the former Director of FutureCycle Press and currently the Editor-in-Chief of Kentucky Review. His poems have appeared in The Kenyon Review, Southern Poetry Review, Atlanta Review, Pirene's Fountain, Midwest Quarterly, Chariton Review, Main Street Rag, and many others. He has published four chapbooks (When Stars Fall Down as Snow, Garland Press 1976; Dream of the Electric Eel, Wolfsong Publications 1982; The Traveller's Tale, Whistle Press 1998; and Diary of the Last Person on Earth, Sybaritic Press, 2014.) His full-length collections are The Hunted River and The Gravedigger's Roots, both in 2nd editions from FutureCycle Press, 2012; One Man's Profit (Sweatshoppe Publications, 2013); and Developing a Photograph of God (Glass Lyre Press, 2014.)

F.E. Lin
F.E. Lin is a medical professional working in the field of solid organ transplant. She has lived in both Europe and Asia while growing up as a military brat. Upon returning back to the States, she added alphabet soup to her name by obtaining three college degrees in biology and genetics. She worked as a scientist then jumped into medicine by returning to school to become a PA-C (Physician Assistant—Certified).

She recently rediscovered her childhood love of writing after viewing Demon Under Glass. The intriguing characters and the underlying scientific and medical concepts immediately sparked her imagination, dovetailing with her professional experience and background. Unpublished except for her Master’s thesis and scientific publications, this is her first attempt at creative fiction.

F. E. Lin lives in the heart of Texas with her husband and four feisty felines.

Jenny Saypaw
Jenny Saypaw is a Canadian immigrant who has bounced back and forth between that country’s English- and French-language cultures for the past 30 years. Travelling widely and engaging in a diverse set of professions, she has trained native teachers in remote First Nations villages in Canada’s far north, sold vacuum cleaners door-to-door in the south, worked as a graphics artist in the nation’s capitol, and wrote/edited technical documentation for the international high tech industry in the big cities. Writing fiction started out as a hobby, then became a driving force in her life as Jenny’s muses began to fuse her eclectic background with the vibrancy of today’s world-wide fannish literary explosion. Although Jenny’s stories have been appearing on a regular basis in amateur publications since 1997, two stories in Demon Spawn II were her first foray into the professional publishing industry, thanks to the inspiration of Deborah and Jon Cunningham’s wonderful characters from Demon Under Glass. To Jenny’s surprise, her first professional effort, "The Midnight Sun," placed in the Top Ten of the prestigious Preditors and Editors 2006 Short Story—Horror writers poll. Jenny continues to write in the Demon Under Glass universe, plus has expanded into other areas of supernatural fiction.

Len Richmond
An American from Santa Monica, California, LEN RICHMOND created and co-wrote one of the most popular comedy series in British Television. Agony, about an advice columnist whose life is in disarray, has been broadcast in 24 countries (including twice on PBS). The series (starring Maureen Lipman) was nominated for numerous BAFTA and Writer’s Guild Awards, and won the AGLA Media Award for the "Responsible portrayal of its gay and lesbian characters".

Len is co-editor of "The Gay Liberation Book" (Ramparts Press), which had original contributions from John Lennon, William Burroughs, Gore Vidal, and Christopher Isherwood. It was a landmark book, stocked extensively in libraries, and used as a course text in Universities. It was followed several years later by The New Gay Liberation Book, which Len also co-edited.

More recently, he wrote and directed an award-winning independent feature film. "A Dirty Little Business" (ThinkFilm) is a romantic comedy set in the sex toy business. It stars Michael York, Brian Cox, and Beverly D’Angelo, with an original musical score by Erasure.

Jo Perridge
was born in Somerset, England in 1979 and developed a taste for writing after writing several pantomimes and plays that were performed by a local amateur dramatics group. After obtaining a degree in Classical History and Civilisation she worked for several years for the UK government and then moved into the legal field, specialising in motorcycle incidents. She currently lives in Hampshire, England with her husband and young daughter.

Cliff Morten
is a pseudonym shared by Helena Snow-Renn and another author:
Helena Snow-Renn is a North Dakota native, a single parent of two boys, and a quality analyst in the insurance field. She has been writing since age 15, but only in the last 4 years as an erotica/slash author. Some of her earlier poetry has been published in two volumes by an online group, under the name "ehli's child." She was most recently published in the German anthology Mein heimliches Auge” (konkursbuch 2006).

Brenda Petrakos
Brenda Petrakos is a writer/spoken word artist from Los Angeles, CA.
In 1979, her first play was published and produced at The Mercury Cafe Theater in Denver, CO. Her prose adventure started 20 years later in Los Angeles poetry scene.
Her work has been published by poeticdiversity, Sylvan Press, The Messenger, Voices of New Women Writers (Spring 2007 Duke University Press), Falling Star Magazine, and Really Big Show Anthologies 2& 3.
She has performed as a spoken word artist in various venues including: Beyond Baroque, The World Stage, London’s Barbarian Poetry Reading, World Theater Festival, World Poetry Festival, and anywhere else that will allow.

D. L. Warner
D.L. Warner has been an aspiring writer for as long as she can remember. However, despite degrees in Journalism and Creative Writing, she did not pursue this profession seriously until ten years ago and after many years of working in Public Relations and public service. After the death of her mother, Patricia, Deborah decided that it was time to stop playing it safe and take a chance on her dreams. Fortunately, she had a man in her life crazy enough to think that was a good idea. Thus, Deborah and her husband, Jon Cunningham have been flying without a net in the wilds of Los Angeles for nearly ten years. Aside from a lot of experience in retail, they have a feature film, Demon Under Glass, to their credit and several projects in development.

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Marie Lecrivain
Marie Lecrivain is the executive editor of poeticdiversity: the litzine of Los Angeles. She's a 2nd-level denizen of Dante's Inferno, and is a writer in residence at her apartment.
Her prose and poetry have appeared in AE Magazine, Earth's Daughters, Subtle Tea, Triplopia, and in the upcoming anthology Literary Angles: the second year of poeticdiversity (Sybaritic Press 2005). She is the author of two poetry collections: Canticle of a Bored Hausfrau (Sybaritic Press 2003), and poetry whored, an e-chapbook (Tamafyhr Mountain Press 2004).
Marie's avocations include photography, Sean Bean, felines, expensive handbags, and sensual tributes upon her neck from male artists-except male poets, who only write about it.