Sarianna pulled his head down gently for a sweet kiss. “What do you feel when I touch you?”

“Heat,” Nikulainen whispered against her lips. “Sometimes it is a gentle thing that warms me and heals me and makes me feel safe. Sometimes it burns me and consumes me.”

“You do not fear it?”

“Nay,” he moaned as her hands moved down his body. “The fire consumes but does not destroy…”

Sarianna cut him off with a more demanding kiss. She pressed him more firmly against the door while she ravaged his willing mouth. Nikulainen had to strongly resist the urge to crush her luscious body against him. He very much wanted her to use him and did not want to distract her when she was of a mind to do so. All of her allure and her desire were focused on him.

“You will get the manacles then you will remove all of your clothing,” Sarianna said softly.

“Yes, Milady,” he replied huskily. Nikulainen was eager to remove his clothing. His leggings were suddenly tight almost beyond endurance.

Nikulainen did not look at Sarianna as he did as he was told. Her undressing was a potent distraction that would delay his compliance. His clothing was quickly discarded and the manacles were retrieved in time to see his beloved shimmying out of her leggings while bending over.

“I feel your thoughts, Niku,” she murmured. “Kneel on the bed and lower your eyes.”

“Yes, Milady,” Nikulainen said. He was not really repentant. Such a glimpse of that enticing bottom wiggling before him was worth any punishment.

“Free your hair,” Sarianna softly demanded.

Nikulainen complied unraveling the single braid down the back of his head that kept his heavy tresses from his face. The golden veil obscured his face and made it easier for him to remain still. She removed her clothing then put away hers and his bracers, boots and weapons. He smiled when she suddenly dashed about the chambers bolting the two entry doors. That was something he hadn’t thought of in the excitement of anticipation. The last thing either wanted was another well-meaning interruption.

“Spread your thighs and rest on the backs of your legs,” Sarianna said as she gently took the manacles from his grasp. “I won’t bind you to the bed this time. There is much of you that I do not get to see that way.”

Sarianna hooked the manacles together then fastened Nikulainen’s wrists in front of him. He risked a glance at her through his hair. Her face was lovely with her intent expression. A blush beautifully colored her cheeks, but she was determined to have him. And she remembered to free her own beautiful hair. It tumbled down her shoulders in rich waves making him ache to touch it.

“Am I so much to look at?” Nikulainen asked. His voice was just above a whisper to keep from breaking the magical feeling that surrounded them.

The Princess met his gaze briefly before moving behind him. She lifted his heavy fall of hair and pushed it to one side. Her soft palm ran along his spine to cup his buttocks drawing a sharp gasp from him.

“I’ve had to draw a sword to keep your virtue safe,” she replied mirthfully.

Nikulainen gasped loudly when he felt Sarianna’s erect nipples brush against his back. He moaned when she bit him along the curve of his bared shoulder.

“I am well aware that many a maidservant in this Keep knew of your horse grooming habit when it rained,” Sarianna whispered in his ear before licking it then gently tugging on his earlobe with his teeth.

“Ahhh,” he moaned. “I am not…immodest…just overly…practical…ahhh…”

“Your back is bruised,” she said quietly. “I would have your uncles take better care of what is mine.”

Sarianna kissed him along the necklace then gently bit him again before pressing she body against his back. Everywhere their skin touched was like fire. He could feel her breasts as they softly dragged along his skin. He could even feel the softness of the curly hair between her thighs it brushed along the curve of his buttocks. The torture continued as Sarianna brushed then gently pulled at his nipples.

“You shall have to be less practical, beloved,” she retorted lightly scratching one sensitive nipple.

“Yes, milady!” He cried out.

Sarianna’s touch gentled then and became more soothing. Her face was pressed in his hair at the nape of his neck. She deeply inhaled his scent. “You are so magical, Niku. Salty sweat over the sweetest skin. Your scent is the headiest of perfumes.”

Her arms wrapped around Nikulainen in a firm embrace and rained gentle kisses along the side of his face and neck. They were still aroused, but the Princess managed to douse the fever raging between their entwined bodies. As their breathing neared normal, Sarianna’s hands began to gently roam his warm skin.

“I love touching you this way,” she murmured. “You do not know how hard I fight each day to keep from always having my hands upon your skin.”

“I shall make a royal decree that you be allowed to touch me thus whenever you desire,” he sighed.

Sarianna laughed softly. “How would you word such an edict, beloved? From this day hence, the crown Princess shall be allotted time to stroke her husbands thighs, tease his nipples and fondle his member?”

Her hands had skimmed along his thighs to cup then fondle his hardening member making him gasp.

“I would say anything you like anywhere you wish to have you do this to me,” he whispered arching into her touch and leaning his head on her shoulder.

“I wish we had a mirror,” she sighed into his hair. “I love seeing your face in pleasure.”

Nikulainen moaned at the thought of watching her torment him with those lovely hands. “We will have one commissioned with the next message to Arinpera.”

Sarianna laughed then kissed him on his temple. Her touch became more rousing. She stroked him to hardness then teased his nipples once again. Nikulainen was soon trembling with want of her.

“Sarianna…” He murmured pleading to her.

“Worry not, beloved. You are far too tempting to leave you be,” she said.

Nikulainen lamented the loss of her body pressed against his back, but then Sarianna was in front of him. Her eyes were dark with passion and her cheeks were flushed.

“Sarianna…so beautiful…” he sighed as she covered his mouth in a kiss that threatened to consume him in flames. She held his head still by his hair and ravaged his mouth while he reveled in the sweetness of hers. All the while those nipples tormented his skin.

“Please…” he pleaded once her lips left his to taste the skin along his throat. “Beloved… take me…”

“I shall…soon…” She replied. “I would have more from you.”

Sarianna still held Nikulainen’s head still by his hair as she rose up a little to offer her breasts for him to suckle. He complied almost greedily sucking at the rosy nipples until she was writhing against him. The sounds she made drove him to the point of near madness, but he was helpless to guide her body onto his hardness and end his torment.

Somehow, she sensed his dire need. Perhaps it was because of her own. The reason did not matter. He whimpered happily when she pulled away from his mouth to slip his bound arms over her head then steadied herself by holding onto his shoulders. With a loud moan, she lowered herself onto his stiff leaking member until it was fully sheathed within her incredible, tight heat.

“Oh, Niku,” she breathed. “Please…move…”

Sarianna was straddling him at a perfect angle for him to trust his hips upward. With his first move, she moaned before claiming his mouth in another searing kiss. Nikulainen began to move. His thrusts were almost brutal, but the Princess did not shrink from them. She met his hips with movements of her own until they were crying out in the middle of that desperate needy kiss. In the aftermath, Sarianna collapsed against him giving him almost all of her weight. Her lips fell away from his as her head slipped down to rest on his shoulder.

“Sarianna...,” Nikulainen said softly. She mumbled something in response, but it he couldn’t make it out. All of the day’s exertions caught up with her at once. She was asleep.

Nikulainen chuckled then rejoiced that his bride had given him manacles he could get out of on his own. A quick twist of the wrist freed his arms. He then carefully lowered Sarianna to the bed. After covering her, he pulled on a robe then set about unbolting the doors and stoking the fire for the room had grown chilly.